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About Us

We offer a wide variety of services for the maritime industry and tourism

We take care of all your vessels needs when in Blekinge or on Gotland, Sweden making your stay, arrival and departure smooth and easy.

We offer to assist you with port agency, stevedores, port terminal services and operations, vessel clearance, crew transfers and accomodations, berthing arrangements, linesmen, warehousing, supplies, provision, spareparts, shore excursion and small cruises and much more

Our department for inspection, revisions, validations, audits and claims have their basis on Gotland and in Karlskrona but we work internationally and takes assignments throughout the world.

Our company is founded by two captains with a long heritage within the maritime industry. The founders have a background in offshore, cruise, tankers, ro/ro, bulk and ferries.

The company is based in Visby, Gotland and Karlskrona, Blekinge. But operates all over the world

Our Services

Our aim is to be the preferred partner for the maritime industry and the tourism on Gotland and in Blekinge

Port Services

We offer port services in all ports in Gotland and in Blekinge. Services includes but are not limited to:  terminal services and operations, pilotage, vessel clearance, crew transfers, accomodations, berthing arrangement, linesmen, warehousing, supplies, provision, spareparts and much more

Charter, Events & Tourism

We have vessels in the archipelago of Blekinge and on Gotland. We can offer tours, guiding, transportation, dinner cruises, events, kick offs, tastings, and a big variety of different events. We have a big network with local businesses to make your event a success. We take your event from starting line all the way past the finish line.

Inspections, Validations, Revisions, Implementations

We can perform different type of inspections and audits onboard ships and  offices. We offer ISO and ISM revisions and help you the whole way from start to finish. We even offer to help with implementations through different modern solutions.

The place where you’ll get the solutions for all your needs

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

We offer services to the transportation industry. Claims, port agency, lines men, vessel clearance, towage, pilotage, provision, spare parts and much more, please contact us.

We also provide revisions, audits, inspections, validations on vessel, office and company level as well as in ports and terminals.

Wisby Marine Consulting

We provide services for the offshore industry such as the wind, oil and gas sectors. We can offer digital solutions for safe work. But we also do audits, inspections, validations and revisions.

Contact us for guard vessels, personnel, supply duties, personnel transfers and/or crew changes.

Customers. Heavy industries. Port, harbours

The services we offer for the heavy industry segment and ports. Is claims, audits, inspections, validations, revisions, security plans and worker safety.

We offer digital platforms together with our partners.

Please contact us for further information and we will happily provide you with further information

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